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Plusnet goes live with BT Sport

BT Sport is from today available on Plusnet.

Viewers with a Sky receiver and Plusnet broadband can now subscribe to BT Sport from £5.99 a month, or £7.49 for HD access, via Plusnet's new sign-up site (External link) >

This is up to £7.50 a month cheaper than ordering the channels direct from BT for consumption via the Sky digital satellite platform.

Subscribers who already have Plusnet are not required to sign up to a new broadband contract with the Yorkshire-based ISP to get BT Sport via Sky, but will continue to receive the channels until they leave Plusnet or choose to opt-out of getting BT Sport in the future. There is a one-month minimum term.

BT Sport on Sky
BT Sport 1, 2 and ESPN
Access to and app
Sky TV + BT Broadband^
Yes, Free access
Sky TV + Plusnet 
Broadband ~
Intention to offer "Next year"
Sky TV + Sky Broadband*
Yes, part of subscription*
Sky TV + Any other broadband*
Yes, part of subscription*       
Sky TV no broadband
^ Free via your BT Broadband account. Visit for details

~ Add BT Sport via Plusnet at (website live by 5th November 2013)

* Add BT Sport via BT direct, not via Sky. Visit for details There’s a £15 activation fee.
Prices correct as at 27/10/2013.

In the new year, Plusnet will begin rolling out YouView, through which it will be able to offer BT Sport and ESPN from channel 507 via Plusnet's own broadband service and, according to the ISP, it also intends to offer access to BT Sport via the BT Sport website from next year. No further details, such as a detailed launch timeline or pricing information have been released at this stage, but a trial of Plusnet's YouView service will get underway before the end of this year.

Plusnet was acquired by BT in 2007, but has since remained as a separately operated business, with little reference made to its parent company on its website. Nevertheless, its link with BT fuelled speculation that it would offer YouView at some point, with rumours of a YouView trial circulating for months.


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