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VuTV officially launches on DTT channel 238

New 'connected digital terrestrial TV' service VuTV officially launches today on DTT/Freeview channel 238. VuTV provides Freeview households with compatible Freeview HD devices low-cost access to a range of pay TV channels, previously only available on other digital TV platforms.

A subscription to the service will cost £6.99 a month, with no long-term contracts. Viewers who sign up today will get access to a 14 day free trial of the service. VuTV requires a broadband speed of at least 2Mbps.

Channels included at launch are:  Comedy Central, MTV, CNN, Lifetime, HISTORY, H2, Crime & Investigation Network, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Nick Jr., Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito, with further channel launches planned for 2014.

Responding to the launch of VuTV Bakori Davis, VP Commercial, A+E Networks UK, said:  
“We are delighted to see the launch of another multi-channel platform in the UK that offers more viewers a chance to enjoy the great content on our portfolio of channels, including Lifetime, our newest entertainment brand which launched this month.”   
 Arran Tindall, SVP, Commercial and Content Distribution, Viacom International Media Networks, UK, Australia, Russia and Eastern Europe, said:
“Viacom aims to make its content and channel brands available on whichever platform our audience wants to access them, so it’s great news that Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon will, for the first time, now be accessible via broadband connected digital terrestrial TV in the UK. The VuTV service is an easy, affordable way for suitable Freeview households to sample some of the very best channels that subscription TV in the UK has to offer.”

Anthony Lukom, MD and VP general manager, Turner Broadcasting, UK, said:  
“We demonstrate an ongoing commitment to be where our audiences are, and ensure multiple ways for them to engage with our channels and content. We are delighted that through this great new service our multiplex of channels will be available via broadband connected digital terrestrial TV, a great opportunity for us and our audiences.”

There are now over 20 million Freeview homes, making Freeview the biggest digital TV platform in the UK. VuTV is aimed at the rapidly growing population of Freeview HD Internet-connected homes that currently do not have a Pay TV package.

All viewers need is a compatible Freeview HD TV or box connected to an aerial and the Internet; no need for any extra boxes or remote controls. Once subscribers have signed up via, they will be provided with their personal Activation Code and PIN for a one-off registration of their Freeview HD TV or box, giving quick and easy access to all VuTV’s channels.

VuTV is an exciting new development for Internet TV, which has been steadily growing in the UK, where intention to purchase Connected TVs is high (source: YouGov). Thinkbox’s ‘Screen Life: TV in demand’ research reported that Live TV is still almost exclusively watched on a TV set, representing 90% of total viewing.

BARB will measure viewing for all VuTV channels, providing broadcasters with an additional platform through which to monetise their content via incremental advertising impacts. VuTV powered by Synapse TV – a joint venture between Simplestream and Strategy & Technology – also offers broadcasters unique granular analytics of their consumers’ viewing behaviour.

Due to the premium content provided, VuTV is seeking high levels of interoperability and security. Synapse is working closely with a broad range of manufacturers to ensure their existing and future Freeview HD products meet the standards required. Samsung is the first major manufacturer to provide full support for VuTV in their Freeview HD products, with others to follow soon. A full list of compatible devices is available at

David Cutts, Director of VuTV, said:  
“We have been working with manufacturers from across the industry for some years, both to establish the specification for these TVs and to build the system to use them. We are now finishing off the process of testing and approving the receivers in the market so we can enable more customers to receive VuTV. This is a continuing process and the list of devices that support VuTV will continue to grow”.

December highlights on VuTV include Witches of East End (Lifetime), Beauty School Cop Outs (MTV), Sam & Cat (Nickelodeon), SpongeBob SquarePants (Nicktoons), Dora the Explorer (Nick Jr), South Park (Comedy Central), and Fred Dinenage - Murder Casebook (CI). Consumers will also be able to enjoy a wide range of Christmas specials such as Pawn Stars (HISTORY) and A Country Christmas Special, starring Dolly Parton (Lifetime) and Christmas films such as Tom & Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (Boomerang), The Christmas Tree with Bananas in Pyjamas (Cartoonito), The Christmas Show from the Regular Show (Cartoon Network).

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  1. The compatible url link does not work, they haven't updated their website yet, so no idea what boxes will be supported.

    Hopefully YouView will get there soon.

    1. From VuTV: If you have a Freeview HD TV set, and your TV set is compatible and approved by us, you will see a screen which invites you to log in to VuTV. If you do not see this screen, first check that you have connected your TV to the internet. Once you have checked that you are connected but do not see the log in screen, then unfortunately your Freeview HD set is not compatible, or not approved by us for use with the VuTV service at this time.

      NOTE: YouView boxes will not support VuTV and other services from channel 225 in the guide.

    2. That's not much help if you want a buy a compatible device though!

    3. No. But at the moment, if you want VuTV, get a Samsung Freeview HD TV or PVR (current models). Samsung provide full support, as per the item above. I can confirm that when I visited S&T, they were using a Samsung TV to demo the service, and it works on my 2013 Samsung Freeview HD TV.

  2. In addition to the latest connected Samsung TVs, these devices are also compatible: Hitachi HDR5T01, BUSH B320HDPVR, BUSH B1TBHDPVR, TVonics DTR-HD500, LOGIK L1HSTB12


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