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Manchester's extra channels go off air

Manchester Television Network has today confirmed a fault on its service. Viewers in the Manchester area reported losing access to the service yesterday. 

On Twitter, Manchester Television Network blamed a fault, which engineers are working to fix as soon as possible.

Manchester Television Network is a multiplex containing six extra Freeview channels, including Movies4Men, Sony SAB, Capital and Heart TV, available from channel 51 upwards in the Freeview channel guide. The channels are exclusive to Freeview in the Manchester area.

The service uses the infrastructure that was originally set up to broadcast the now defunct local station Channel M to the area.


  1. In places like NE Lincolnshire excluding the local channel on 8 there is 2 test channels in the 79x range.

    MTN has Movies4Men, Movies4Men +1, Fire TV, Sony SAB, Heart FM TV and Capital FM TV,

    CoMux should aim to bring an "MTN Lite" service: Local TV, Movies4Men and Local Global Radio brand (Heart v Capital)
    e.g. Take Bristol/West of England "Heart": Made in Bristol, Movies4Men and Heart TV While Cardiff/S Wales as they got Capital FM - Capital (FM) TV in lieu of Heart

  2. UPDATE:
    The multiplex is back on air, but without Sony SAB on channel 53.

  3. Is channel 53 going to come back?


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