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Local TV operators for York and Teesside announced

The York Channel and Made in Teesside have become the latest organisations to be awarded licences to operate a local TV service on Freeview.

Both new services are set to become available on Freeview channel 8 in around a year from now, both broadcast from the Bilsdale transmitter in the North York Moors, which currently provides regional programming from BBC North East & Cumbria and ITV Tyne Tees across the region.

The announcement by Ofcom this morning means that Made Television has now secured five local TV licences after being awarded licences for local TV in Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Newcastle and now Teesside.

Made Television won the licence ahead of a rival bid from TeesVision. In deciding to award the Teesside licence to the company, Ofcom's Broadcast Licensing Committee (BLC) noted "the local partnerships established by MadeTelevision Ltd, in particular with higher education and news partners."  and "further noted the experience of the Made Television Ltd team as a whole and the experience of individual members (including previous experience of delivering local television broadcasting in the area)"

In its application, Made in Teesside provided an indicative launch date of November 2014. Ofcom's indicative coverage information shows Darlington outside of the coverage area, but the channel will cover the rest of Teesside including Middlesborough, Stockton on Tees, Hartlepool and Redcar.

The York Channel is run by One&Other. It was the only applicant for the York local TV licence. Partners in the channel include University of York, York St John University, SCY, Visit York, City of York Council, Yorkshire Film Archive, and NVG.

In awarding the licence to The York Channel, Ofcom confirmed that the "proposed service included a clear set of programming commitments, with programmes made within and covering the area of York, satisfying the statutory criteria."

According One&Other, The University of York and University of York St John will provide technical studio infrastructure until the channels own offices and TV studios are built.

The York Channel is expected to launch between October 2014 and January 2015.

A proportion of viewers, who receive their TV service from Emley Moor (with BBC and ITV Yorkshire regional news) rather than the Bilsdale transmitter (which broadcasts North East/Tyne Tees regional news) will not be able to receive the channel without adjusting their aerial.


  1. anyone elsee see the Made in... company basically becoming ITV?

    They have both licences in the north east, and you can bet one day these become one and it turns into another ITV/Capital FM where as they ditch most local programming and become one.


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