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Lincolnshire and Humber area at the forefront of new Freeview services

More for your aerial to receive from today
Viewers in North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire have today been put in the forefront of new services via Freeview with the official launch of two new digital TV multiplexes, one carrying new local channel Estuary TV and one for new Freeview HD channels.

This evening, Grimsby-based local TV station Estuary TV went live on Freeview channel 8. Formerly known as Channel 7 and broadcast on Virgin Media, the station will reach 270,000 homes, according to its website.

Estuary TV is a commercial public service broadcaster and will provide local news, plus a varied schedule of current affairs, business, environmental, historical, documentary, films and entertainment programming.

Estuary TV is the first of a new wave of local TV stations to begin transmitting on Freeview. Further local stations for major cities including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and Southampton will go live during 2014.

Local TV is being made available on Freeview by multiplex operator Comux, with funds from the licence fee supporting technical infrastructure set-up costs and proceeds from the sale of surplus capacity on the local TV multiplex to cover future transmission costs. The backbone of the new local TV operation is based at Comux's Network Operations Centre in Birmingham.

Freeview HD viewers are also getting a boost today, with the launch of a new Freeview HD multiplex. The new multiplex has gone live with an HD version of Al Jazeera English on channel 108, and is soon expected to become the home of BBC Four HD, BBC News HD and CBeebies HD, complimenting the existing Freeview HD service on channels 101-105 and channel 73.

All new services are being transmitted from the Belmont transmitter, located near Louth and Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, the current transmitter site for all other Freeview channels.

Viewers will need to retune to gain access to the new services. The core coverage area for local TV is shown on the map. New services will appear on channel 8, 791 and 792. Freeview HD viewers will also see an additional channel on 108.

Viewers who live outside of the core coverage area may be able to receive a weak signal from the local TV service, with reports from Lincoln confirming reception of recent test transmissions, but reception outside the core coverage area may be unreliable.

For viewers who are manually tuning their TVs, local TV is broadcast on UHF channel 27 (522 MHz).

The new Freeview HD multiplex (Freeview HD compatible devices only) is on UHF channel 33 (570 MHz). It is being transmitted across a wider area than the local TV service to cover more of Lincolnshire, but it is being broadcast at a lower power than the other Freeview multiplexes. Viewers can check if they are in the coverage area by visiting the official Digital UK coverage checker at

If you have Al Jazeera HD on channel 108, you are receiving the new multiplex.

  • The  new Freeview HD multiplex has also officially launched in London, NW England and Central Scotland. The multiplex will continue to be rolled out on 10th December, covering the West Midlands, parts of South and West Yorkshire, Bedfordshire, Belfast and South East Wales, with further roll-outs during 2014.


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