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Freeview advises ex-Top Up TV DTR owners to switch EPG

Freeview has today issued a brief statement to help ex-Top Up TV viewers who are having problems with their 14 day TV guide (or EPG) following the demise of the pay TV service at the end of October, and can't record programmes as a result.

The statement, issued on the Freeview website advises viewers that "The Top Up 14-day programme guide is no longer available in some areas and will cease broadcasting in January 2014.

"To receive the standard 8-day Freeview programme guide, press Menu on your DTR remote control and then select the following options:

  • Settings
  • Change your box settings
  • Option 8 or 9 – TV guide type 8

Top Up TV recorders, previously used for Top Up TV's Anytime/TV Favourites service can continue to be used as Freeview receivers and recorders with the standard Freeview TV guide for as long as the equipment continues to work.


  1. No longer available "in some areas"... do they know something we don't?

  2. Perfect, fixes the blank EPG problem.


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