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Freesat looks to integrate Free Time onto smart TVs; reveals it is "open" to pay VoD services

Freesat's connected TV platform < free time > looks set to become available on Smart TVs from next year.

According to Digital TV Europe, Matthew Huntington, Freesat's chief technology officer has revealed that Freesat has developed "Operator Privileged Application Layer" (OPAL), which enables operators to provide a full set of services via connected TVs.

Freesat < free time > includes a backward EPG for catch-up TV
Speaking this morning he said: "We are proposing to provide the user experience for core TV services embedded in [TV manufacturers'] standard UIs, so that when you press the button on the remote control you go to something like the Freesat offer on a set-top."

Details of which manufacturers would be offering < free time > on their smart TVs is still unknown, although Samsung and Panasonic already manufacture TVs with integrated Freesat.

He also confirmed that Freesat is open to the introduction of pay-Video on Demand services, with Microsoft PlayReady DRM already integrated to enable such services on < free time >.

There have been reports and rumours circulating for months that Freesat is looking to add extra on demand services, including a premium movie service. At one point, Netflix was rumoured to be heading to Freesat < free time >.


  1. Netflix, Now TV, Lovefilm and friends you been giving a stick. take it!

  2. What about the utv player for n ireland on freetime boxes also and a bt sport on demand also that would work also


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