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First local TV multiplex starts live tests

The first test transmissions from what will be the first of a wave of local TV stations launching on Freeview channel 8 in the coming 12 months have commenced in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire.

The test broadcasts have appeared on channels 791-793 on a new local TV multiplex transmitted from the Belmont transmitter on UHF channel 27.

Channel 793 is currently the test channel for the new local TV channel Estuary TV.

Official core coverage area (Ofcom)
Estuary TV will launch on the 26th November on Freeview channel 8. Originally awarded an Ofcom local TV licence under the name "Lincolnshire Living", the channel (which originally launched as Channel 7 on cable in 1997), became Estuary TV, reflecting that its core coverage area will also include Hull alongside Grimsby, Immingham and Cleethorpes.

a516digital is hearing tonight that the tests from the Comux-operated multiplex are currently being received outside of the core coverage area in Lincoln and along the Lincolnshire coastline. If this doesn't change ahead of the official launch on the 26th November, the new service will also be receivable from Lincoln and Louth across to Mablethorpe, but at a lower signal strength requiring a suitable aerial.

Joining Estuary TV will be two additional, but currently unknown TV services in the future. These two additional channels will also be carried wherever else in the UK local TV launches, as a way of helping fund the operation of a local TV multiplex.

Estuary TV will also launch a local TV service for Scarborough in 2014 under the name "Yorkshire Coast TV".

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