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CBBC HD makes surprise pre-launch appearance on Freesat

Ahead of the widely anticipated launch of five new HD channels from the BBC, further developments have occurred today on the satellite feeds for the new services.

BBC News HD, which is using the bandwidth formally used by BBC Red Button HD on satellite, has now commenced testing following closure of the Red Button HD service on Monday. Playout for BBC Three HD/CBBC HD and BBC Four HD/CBeebies HD has switched to HD, with the BBC HD testcard and 5.1. sound check.

In a surprise move, the live tests for CBBC HD appeared on Freesat channel 607 with the HD testcard and 5.1. sound checks. Channel 607 appeared late afternoon on Wednesday 27th November, before being deleted during the morning of Thursday 28th November.  Tests continue off the Freesat EPG.

Regular CBBC programming continues as normal in standard definition on Freesat channel 600 and on all other digital TV platforms.

The BBC has not officially announced the launch dates for the new HD channels, except promising that they will be here "by early 2014." In a recent reply to her blog, BBC Distribution's Alix Pryde confirmed that "there is still technical and commercial work to do ahead of launching the new services. We're working as fast as we can and we'll confirm timings as soon as we are in a position to do so."

Transponder: 61
Astra 2F 28.2 East  BBC DSAT 8
11,02325 GHz 
(you may need to enter '11023' or '11024' on your receiver for manual tuning.)
Symbol rate:

The test services cannot be manually tuned in via a Sky box, due to their limited technical capability.

updated: 28/11/2013 10:40


  1. Hopefully not so long to go!
    Seems they decided against the favourable an RT HD scenario with CBBC HD unless it 607 temporary before CBBC HD and BBC Three HD stream is live (with broadcasting).

    BBC Three HD either end up on 106 doing an RT HD!, or if they want to penalise it cause of the farce that regionalisation includes BBC One and Two HD) it end up somewhere below 110!

    Still not given confirmation BBC Three and Four HD will be ahead of BBC One and Two HD (108/9)

    Also Sky you got to decide - launch Sky News HD FTA (by December 10th) or BBC and RT be they HD News choices excluding high expectations AJE HD will join Freesat HD also shortly as it is on Freeview HD COM7 Mux

    1. There's no reason to believe that once CBBC HD launches and shows the same content as CBBC SD it won't move to channel 600 on Freesat HD receivers, just like previous HD swaps on RT and NHK World. But a good chance in the meantime to see if Freesat receivers and TVs are correctly set-up for HD and 5.1 surround sound!

  2. To confirm (and the article above has been amended) that CBBC HD has now been *removed* off Freesat channel 607. Tests continues off the Freesat HD, accessed using the parameters in the blue box above.


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