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BBC One identifies its regions on Freeview

Viewers in England who can receive multiple versions of BBC One on Freeview because they are in an area served by multiple transmitters may be helped by a new addition to the channel name from today.

Since midday, BBC One on Freeview channel 1 in the English regions now identifies itself with a regional label of up to five characters. BBC One London, for instance, now shows as "BBC ONE Lon", while viewers in the North West will see "BBC ONE NWest".

Some regional labels may appear confusing: in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, parts of Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and North Hertfordshire, viewers will see "BBC ONE East W" - the west part of the BBC East region, which carries Look East at 6:30pm.

Such regional labels are already commonplace on satellite platforms. These changes also affect YouView viewers. Most recent Freeview, Freeview HD and YouView receivers will automatically relabel channel 1 with the regional suffix. Other receivers will only change once they have been retuned. BBC One HD is unaffected by the change - there is currently one single version of BBC One HD for England, but the introduction of further English regions in HD is planned for 2014. The change will help viewers identify on which variant of BBC One regional programmes can be found in the meantime.

Duplicated versions of BBC One are usually assigned a channel number in the 800s by your receiver when tuning. The addition of a regional label will allow viewers to see if their desired region has been erroneously inserted into the 800 channel range by their receiver.


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