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5 Later set for January launch

There’s been an update since this page was published:
5 Later will be Channel 5+24. More details ►
This page is left for reference purposes.

A placeholder for the channel has been around since August
Channel 5 has confirmed that it is planning to launch its new 5 Later service this January on Freeview, YouView, Freesat and Sky.

As reported here in August, 5 Later has now been confirmed as being a catch-up channel, similar to Channel 4's 4seven, which launched in July 2012 and provides viewers with a chance to see a repeat of programmes shown on Channel 4 earlier earlier in the day or in the past 24 hours. 4seven's main 9pm slot shows whatever was on Channel 4 24 hours earlier.

According to media journal Broadcast, 5 Later will be similar and "Indies and distributors that do business with C5 are not likely to benefit from the launch as the repeats will be scheduled within the primary rights window." The new channel will also feature children's programmes from Channel 5's Milkshake strand.

5 Later first appeared as a placeholder on Freeview channel 55 in August. In order to maintain that channel number slot under rules laid out by digital terrestrial TV EPG manager Digital UK, a 15 minute programme preview launched at the end of September, showing between 2:15 and 2:30. Channel 55 is also available via YouView boxes, subject to local Freeview coverage.

Last month, an additional licence enabling 5 Later to launch on satellite (and cable in the future) was issued by Ofcom.

It is thought 5 Later will use capacity on digital terrestrial television formerly used by Top Up TV, which closed at the end of last month in order to secure a Freeview slot. Sister channels Channel 5+1, 5 USA and 5* have all launched using ex-Top Up TV capacity as the terrestrial pay TV service reduced it streams over the years. The capacity is currently being used by filler service Marketplace on channel 50 at the moment.

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  1. they should be forced to launch there hd channel first then this channel


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