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SES v Eutelsat: List of affected services

updated On the 30th September 2013, services affected by the ruling that Eutelsat should stop using a band of frequencies used to broadcast TV and radio services to the UK and Ireland began transmission on temporary frequencies away from the contested band.

Services listed below moved off Eutelsat 28A to temporary locations on Astra 1N or Astra 2A week commencing 30th September. On the 4th October, following the successful transfer of control over the disputed frequency band from Eutelsat to SES (Astra), services began to be launched on new frequencies and transponders from the Astra 2F satellite.

Because SES (Astra) has a different transponder/frequency map to Eutelsat, services will not return to the exact same frequencies as before, only back to a similar frequency range. (See below).

Temporary frequencies will continue to be used until the 10th October. Most Sky and Freesat viewers should not notice any issues due to these changes - Sky and Freesat are in the process of remapping their EPGs to point to the latest frequencies, so that viewers aren't affected. (Freesat viewers may need to do a manual rescan if the services below don't restore themselves after the box has been put into standby for 30 seconds).

Frequency change
Channels included on the affected transponder
(not a full list)
(pre- 30/09/13)
(04/10/13 onward)
11.508 H
10.921 H
stays on 10.921 H
Sky Living+1
Sky Two Ireland
11.527 V
10.979 V
12.515 H
BT Sport 1 (SD)
BT Sport 2 (SD)
11.546 H
11.171 H
12.545 H
Zee TV
11.565 V  
12.305 H
stays on 12.305 H
Sky Box Office
Challenge + 1
11.585 H
11.156 V
12.574 H
BT Sport 1 HD 
BT Sport 2 HD
11.603 V  
12.187 H
stays on 12.187 H
Sky Box Office
Fox News
National Geographic
At the Races
11.623 H
12.402 V
12.610 V
CNBC Europe
11.662 H
12.129 V
12.604 H
BET U.K. +1
11.681 V  
12.422 H
12.633 H
Al Jazeera English
Men & Movies
12.523 V
11.082 H
12.522 V
Heart TV          
Capital TV
Clubland TV
Planet Pop
Rocks & Co
Gems TV
12.560 V
11.112 H
12.552 V
Travel Channel
Horse and Country
QVC Beauty
TV Warehouse
12.560 H
11.973 V
12.670 V
12.607 V
11.141 H
12.581 V
The Active Channel
12.607 H
11.953 H
12.640 V
12.643 H
12.441 V
12.663 H
CCTV News      
UMP Movies

European viewers:
Eutelsat 28A beamed its services across the majority of Europe. But some services have moved to temporary frequencies and transponders that are on the UK spotbeam reducing coverage in continental Europe, or requiring a larger dish size. The frequencies in question are highlighted in bold.

As these are temporary allocations, affected viewers should not take any action. The final situation will become apparant next week, when services begin to appear on their final frequencies and transponders. Already it appears that the majority of services will resume service on a pan-European beam, with marginal changes to reception levels in parts of Eastern Europe. 

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Case study: RT >
See how the changes are happening for news channel RT - an example of the many changes taking place across the 28 degrees East satellite platform this week.

Q&A: Why the change?  >
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