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NOW Music TV launching 23/10/2013 on satellite

A new music channel joins Freesat and Sky from the 23rd October, when NOW Music TV hits digital satellite TV.

NOW Music TV is operated by the company behind the popular "NOW That's What I Call Music!" chart compilation albums.

On Freesat, the channel will launch on channel 512, which has been vacant since the departure of Channel AKA. On Sky, the channel launches on channel 378, the current home of Greatest Hits TV.

According to the announcement, which was posted on Twitter earlier this afternoon, the channel will also be streamed via the NOWmusic.com website and through mobile apps after the official launch date.


  1. Time for more hd channels launch on freesat like channel 5 hd film4 hd and more 4 hd ans E4 hd and ITV 234 hd and for the uktv channels also sky and virgin need to be broke up they are private quango


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