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Eutelsat successfully transfers frequency band control to SES

Satellite operators SES and Eutelsat have successfully completed the transfer of control over a disputed frequency band on the 28 degrees East orbital position.

In a joint press statement, the satellite operators said: "Following the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal
constituted under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce of Paris that concluded the first phase of arbitration in September 2013 and a preliminary injunction by the regional civil court of Bonn, SES and Eutelsat Communications have collaborated in the best interest of customers to ensure a smooth transition of operations on frequencies at 28.5°E under a German filing. As of October 4, SES is operating and Eutelsat has ceased operating on these frequencies. The transfer was successfully completed in the night of 3-4 October." a516digital provided background information to the dispute earlier this week.

Ahead of the transfer, services in the affected frequency band (11.45 – 11.70 GHz and 12.50 – 12.75 GHz) were moved to temporary frequencies and transponders on the SES-owned Astra 1N and Astra 2A satellites. Now, the process begins to restore services back to the disputed frequency band via the Astra 2F satellite. Because SES arranges its transponder frequencies in a different way, affected services are not returning to their original frequencies.

Sky and Freesat are in the process of remapping their EPGs so that viewers notice no change in service when channels move to their new frequencies over the course of the next few days. All changes are set to be completed by the 10th October, when the temporary frequencies will be switched off. Until then, services will be "dual-illuminated", or duplicated on the new and temporary frequencies.


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