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BT harmonises Vision+ channel numbers with YouView

The changes affect BT Vision boxes only.
From Tuesday, BT is harmonising BT Vision+ channel numbers with BT YouView channel numbers.

HD channels from Public Service Broadcasters, including BBC One HD will move to channels 101-104, matching the Freeview HD channel numbers, although the services will continue to be delivered via broadband as Vision+ boxes do not support the Freeview HD DVB-T2 broadcast standard.

Until now, the telecoms giant has operated its two TV services with differing channel numbers. BT Vision+ channel numbers have historically straddled the 800-900 channel number range. YouView services are allocated within a range of between 400-599.

Earlier in the year, the first steps towards harmonisation was made when BT moved the BT Sport package on Vision+ boxes to the same channel numbers used by its BT YouView service (channels 507 upward). Last month, it moved Sky Sports 1 and 2 on Vision+ to channel numbers shared with TalkTalk YouView, although BT cannot currently offer these channels to its own YouView users.

Both Vision+ and YouView subscription services are added on to the existing Freeview channel listings. Digital UK, the organisation responsible for allocating Freeview channel numbers agreed earlier this year that channels 400-599 should be set aside for IPTV providers, such as BT to insert their own channels. Subsequently, BT and TalkTalk agreed to harmonise YouView channel numbers, so that if a channel is available on both BT and TalkTalk YouView, it would be allocated the same channel number.

BT Vision+ boxes are currently offered to BT TV viewers who don't live in an area covered by Infinity fibre broadband to access BT Sport 1 and 2 via digital terrestrial television channels 58 and 59 and to viewers across the UK who want to watch Sky Sports 1 and 2 via BT TV. Sky and BT are currently in a dispute over carriage on BT's YouView service.

It is widely anticipated that once BT is able to carry Sky Sports over YouView and Infinity broadband roll-out reaches a critical mass, the company will cease its Vision+ offering in favour of its service on the YouView platform.

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