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TV Warehouse re-launched

Canis Media has re-launched shopping channel TV Warehouse after a five year break. The channel will soon join Freesat on channel 804 following the recent launch over on Sky 657.

According to Canis Media, "TV Warehouse was the UK’s first on air brand designed for pre-recorded shopping programmes and was very popular with viewers.

"This ‘new look’ channel is airing a range of the USA and UK’s best known and most successful infomercials, including Beachbody’s “Insanity”, Photo Therapeutic’s “No!No!” and Thane Direct’s “X5 Mop”.

Canis Media is currently sourcing product directly from suppliers with a view to mixing the existing pre-recorded schedule with some tailor made infomercials that the Canis Media in-house production division will deliver."
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