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Ofcom consolidates local TV licences for Bedfordshire and SW Midlands

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Ofcom has consolidated the number of local TV licences available in phase 2 of local TV roll-out following a consultation exercise.

Instead of two separate services launching in Bedfordshire, with one service for Bedford and another for Luton, Ofcom has announced that it will be shortly advertising a licence for a single service for both ends of the county.

In the South West Midlands, Ofcom has annouced that there will be a single licence for a station to cover Hereford, Gloucester and Malvern, thus cancelling earlier plans to advertise a separate licence for Malvern. The Hereford and Gloucester joint service was itself the result of an earlier change to plans, which originally only had Hereford earmarked for a local TV service broadcast from the Ridge Hill transmitter.

Meanwhile, phase 1 local TV services will begin to be rolled out from November, starting with Grimsby's Estuary TV (formerly known as Lincolnshire Living, and morphing out of the Channel 7 service on cable in the area). Most major cities will see local TV launch on Freeview during the first half of 2014.


  1. What has happened to the possible local TV in Bedfordshire,Hertfordshire and Bucks?


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