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New DTT licence issued for Asian channel Lamhe

Ofcom has issued a licence to Zee TV offshoot Lamhe to enable the channel to broadcast on the digital terrestrial television platform Freeview.

Lamhe, Hindi for "moments" is Zee TV's latest free-to-air channel, which launched on Sky and Virgin Media in June 2013, replacing Zee Cafe, with the slogan: "Relive the magical moments."

Pre-launch promotional video for Lamhe (c) Zee TV  via YouTube

The channel showcases classic Zee TV programmes alongside two classic Bollywood movies each day. Last week, the channel's ratings began to be reported by ratings measurement body BARB.

No news has been provided as yet about its availability on Freeview, which multiplex it may appear on, whether it will be available across the whole of the UK and what hours it will broadcast.

Unlike Sony SAB's licence for a "streamed channel" delivered via the internet, Zee TV's Lamhe channel has a regular broadcast licence for Freeview transmission.
showcasing classic ZEE TV shows and nostalgic Bollywood movies.
Lamhe will broadcast two classic Bollywood movies per day with old ZEE TV shows such as ‘Saat Phere’, ‘Astitva Ek Prem Kahani’, ‘Koshish EK Asha’, ‘Kasamh Se’ and ‘Amanat’.
- See more at: http://www.media247.co.uk/bizasia/lamhe-replaces-zee-cafe-in-uk#sthash.yvPefQed.dpuf


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