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TLC to launch staggercast channel

IN BRIEF Discovery-owned pay TV channel TLC is to launch a new 'staggercast' channel in September.

The channel, called TLC+2, will offer viewers a chance to watch TLC programmes two hours later and is scheduled to become BARB reported from Monday 16th September 2013. The current female-orientated TLC service launched in the UK on the 30th April 2013 on pay TV platforms, including the YouView TalkTalk service and already offers a +1 channel on Sky and Virgin Media.

It is not yet confirmed where the channel will appear on Sky's EPG or if it will be available on other digital platforms. +2 channels are often used to hold a channel slot on Sky until the owners are ready to launch a new service, due to restrictions in place limiting new standard definition channel launches on the platform.


  1. +2 and onwards plus stupid services like 4 Seven (and perhaps 5 later). Just provide an decent catchup player with upto 30 days after broadcast accessible to desktop, all the main mobile platforms and through TV (connected to the Internet)

    +1s are just about suitable!

    Demand 5 and Virgin Media TV Anywhere for example I include you - all platforms!

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