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QVC branches out with two new channels from 13th August

QVC is multiplying
Shopping channel QVC UK, which  celebrates 20 years on air in October, is to launch two new channels from 13th August 2013 and has announced changes to its QVC Active service.

QVC Style and QVC Extra will join Sky and Freesat from Tuesday 13th August, with the two channels also available via a connected red button portal on Freeview, using Arqiva's Connect TV platform.

The Connect TV service relies on a broadband internet connection and works on most 2013 Freeview HD TVs and receivers. Viewers already able to access additional connected red button streams on 4Music, Freeview channel 18 will be able to benefit from the new service. Last week, a licence to run a red button portal service on QVC Beauty appeared on the Ofcom website, indicating that the service will be available via channel 35.

Meanwhile, QVC has confirmed it is closing down QVC Active on Sky.

QVC Style will focus on fashion, accessories and jewellery while QVC Extra will offer viewers the chance to see the best bits of QVC. QVC Extra will air on the main QVC channel between 2am and 9am.

  • Update 12/08/2013 21:00: QVC Style and Extra have now launched on Freesat channels 814 and 818. These channels will not appear on Humax receivers until early Tuesday morning.


  1. Putting the Connected Red Button service on 16 would be better (than 35) as pretty much already established for the QVC Connected Red Button service it portal will be accessible on QVC Beauty.

    "QVC Connected": 24/7 access to QVC Beauty along with the new QVC Extra and Style Channels.

    QVC could rename its "Sparkle TV" (I assume its an Satellite Channel as I only got Freeview and Virgin Media access and is Jewellary - QVC Jewellery or Gems)

    "QVC Home and Garden" (inc Technology) would appeal more to me!

    Elsewhere: Ideal World could do the same to bring the full range of its channels 24/7!

    Connected TV could be a solution to either bring up the streamed Regional broadcast in HD from on ITV and BBC or switch to the SD simulcast!

    An Local TV Connected Red Button could be used for Local TV choice such as more than one city with transmitter range or for the homesick and/or those on holiday elsewhere within the UK!

  2. I Have A Technisat Freeview hd Box With Red Button, would this box be,
    compatible, the box also has a lan socket for internet connection


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