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Could these channels be coming soon to Freeview?

Ofcom has updated its broadcast licence database today, revealing some interesting new potential additions to Freeview in the coming months.

According to the revised list of digital terrestrial licences - known officially as DTPS and DTAS licences - there are new services from Channel 4, Channel 5 and CSC Media planning to launch soon.

One of the additions to the list is CSC Media's True Entertainment. The free-to-air satellite channel is home to classic US family drama series including The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie alongside made-for-TV movies.

Following last month's announcement that the BBC would be launching additional channels on Freeview HD next year, further clues as to who's next in HD appear on the list: Channel 4's catch up channel 4seven HD has been awarded a licence, alongside Channel 4+1 HD, which could become the first timeshift channel in HD.

Channel 5 has been issued with a licence for a new service, called 5Later. No further information about this service is currently available.

There are also new licences for adult services KissMe TV and Proud Dating. Peace TV is also on the list, but some services now listed by Ofcom may launch as streamed services via the Connect TV platform. Such services require a digital terrestrial TV licence as they need a channel number on the Freeview channel line-up linked to an online portal.

'Connected Red Button' services attached to 4Music (channel 18) and QVC Beauty (channel 35) have been licenced. The 4Music red button service, already live, connects viewers with compatible TV sets to three extra music channels. QVC's red button service could be used to give viewers 24 hour access to QVC Beauty when it goes off air on Freeview - the channel currently only broadcasts on channel 35 between 0800-1300. Any red button service could also be used to connect viewers to QVC's forthcoming new channels QVC Style and QVC Extra via the internet.

The award of digital terrestrial service licences does not necessarily mean the channels will launch on Freeview anytime soon. Ofcom has listed timeshift channel "Yesterday+1" for over a year, without the channel appearing in the Freeview line-up.


  1. RE: Channel 4+1 HD
    What to say... if you have all the HD services available (Sky) and prefer HD but currently are late to watching an channel such as 4HD and having to watch in SD the +1 premiere probably would suck!

    Problem with +1 and repeat services be if it was say ITV+1 there is the regions to worry about and ITV problem like BBC One England HD regions would be double if an +1 service. Instead of +1 services enhance the Catchup Player services.

    Channel 4 should commit to only one 4HD and one 4HD+1 stream and ditch the SD regional marketing.

    A better name for "Channel 4+1 HD" would be "4HD+1"

    For Virgin and probably Freeview and Freesat users they probably prefer an new HD service such as "More4 HD" than an HD repeat service (4seven HD also one of these)

    NB: Virgin while may have more HD than Free to Air services they do not have every HD channel available i.e. More 4 HD, Universal HD and several Sky Services!

  2. RE: 5Later
    Sounds like a seedy channel. perhaps they launching an Dating service or could put all the Teleshopping and Gambling on it!

    RE: QVC
    Perhaps QVC might put the Connected Red service on its QVC UK stream (it would be a better place) and may use the QVC Beauty stream for its none QVC branded channel "Sparkle TV" part time?

    MediaBoy lists and maintains a list of channels Virgin don't have but owned by those with presence on the Virgin EPG.

    Aside from QVC UK that is that available others owned by QVC (Liberty Media) that not on Virgin are:
    -QVC Beauty
    -QVC Style
    -Sparkle TV

    Source MediaBoy (Cable Forum:


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