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BT seals deal with Virgin Media

BT and Virgin Media have this morning sealed a long awaited deal to give cable subscribers access to the three BT Sport channels.

The announcement comes two days before the start of the English Premier League and BT Sports' first match on Saturday lunchtime.

Under the terms of the agreement, standard and high definition versions of BT Sport 1, 2 and ESPN will be available to viewers with the XL pack. Virgin Media sales staff have been spotted at supermarkets and shopping centres this afternoon offering cut price XL pack deals on the back of the news.

Until now, BT Sport was exclusively available via BT through its slots on the Sky EPG and via BT TV through Infinity broadband or digital terrestrial television channels 58 and 59.

The addition of BT Sport on Virgin Media leaves TalkTalk as the last major pay TV provider without the new channels.

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  1. Come on Talk talk follow suite and give us the sports


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