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AUDIO: How stations are departing regional DAB

Stations are being shuffled around as the regional tier of DAB digital radio is being removed across England and Wales. This month, it's the turn of the West Midlands. Next month, it's the turn of the English North West.

Services have either being moving to local multiplexes or in the case of KISS to the national commercial Digital One multiplex. Others, such as LBC are being removed outside of their original FM coverage area.

Here's how the stations are advising listeners in the West Midlands.

Kerrang officially advising to "get a young person" to retune. Kerrang continues on the Birmingham local multiplex. The station won't reach the full West Midlands area that it currently reaches on DAB. On FM, Kerrang was replaced by Planet Rock earlier this year.

Urban station Choice FM playing a looped message replacing regular programmes over the last few days on West Midlands DAB.

The switch-off that's created quite a stir on social media. London's biggest conversation - LBC has been gradually withdrawing its presence on DAB outside of its current FM coverage area around Greater London. Now it's the West Midland's turn to lose the station.