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5 Later appears on Freeview

5 Later
Caption on Freeview channel 55. No further clues...
updated Channel 5 is preparing to launch its fourth spin-off channel on Freeview.

This week, placeholder for 5 Later appeared on Freeview channel 55. Channel 5 has confirmed that 5 Later will broadcast shows first shown on Channel 5, heightening speculation that the channel will be similar to Channel 4's 4seven catch up channel. Further details about the schedule and when it will launch are still unknown.

The channel is rumoured to be taking back further capacity from Top Up TV, which the pay TV provider no longer requires following the end of its premium sports subscription service. 5* (Five Life) and 5 USA (Five US) and C5+1 obtained Freeview capacity the same way.

UPDATE 28/09/2013: This week, the channel has started transmitting a promo between 2:15 and 2:30am every night. It is assumed this is in order to retain the channel number under the rules governing channel number allocations on Freeview, whereby services need to start transmitting content within a set number of weeks or risk losing the channel number.

Channel 5 struck a deal with Top Up TV in 2004, allowing Top Up TV to use Channel 5's then unwanted capacity. Since 2006, Channel 5 has been taking back capacity every time Top Up TV has reduced its service.

5 Later will join Channel 5+1, 5* and 5 USA in the Channel 5 family. No further details about whether the channel will appear on satellite and cable are currently known. 5 Later joins 4seven in bagging easy-to-remember channel numbers on Freeview. 4seven is on channel 47. Currently channel 41 is the highest ranking unused channel number on Freeview.

Update 14/11/2013: Channel 5 has indicated that the channel will launch on Freeview, Freesat and Sky in the early 2014. Read more.

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  1. The channel name does have a space in it.
    It's called "5 Later" on the Freeview EPG.

  2. Looks Like More Super Casino On The Way

  3. I think chaanel 5 should launch a hd channel on both freesat and freeview first then this channel ofcom have to force channel 5 to go hd by making it part of there psb remit

  4. Have been those who have speculated 5 Later might be an rename of Demand 5.

    Would be interesting if this will be an 24 hour 24/7 channel or a part time (perhaps Later being after a certain hour)

    5 Later otherwise could be an 4 Seven like service!

    If it is part time. Channel 5 during the day/morning it might be good to have an Milkshake TV (available from within the Children Genre)


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