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Technical Changes ahead of Digital One Northern Ireland launch

The first technical changes have taken place on DAB digital radio in Northern Ireland ahead of the imminent roll-out of national commercial digital radio multiplex Digital One.

Classic FM, TalkSport and UCB on the local Northern Ireland multiplex now appear with the label "OLD" ahead of a migration to the national commercial multiplex. Reports say that the frequency to be used by Digital One is broadcasting a blank carrier at the moment in the province.

Once Digital One is up-and-running, listeners will be able to switch from the "OLD" versions on the Northern Irish multiplex to the new versions on the Digital One multiplex. Northern Irish listeners will then be on a par with the rest of the UK, where national commercial radio multiplex Digital One is already widely available.

  • There are now just two weeks to go until regional DAB digital radio multiplexes for the Severn Estuary and North East England go off-air, in the first stage of the removal of the regional tier of DAB digital radio outside of London and Central Scotland. Existing services will migrate to local DAB multiplexes. In South Wales, the local multiplex is set to move to the Severn Estuary multiplex frequency and increase coverage to ensure no listener loses access to regional radio stations.

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