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Swansea v Man Utd and Yorkshire Clash to be Freeview Fixtures

Free Football. Freeview channel 11. 17th August 2013
David Moye's first game as Manchester United manager has been picked as the Freeview Premiership match on Saturday 17th August 2013. Leeds United's Championship fixture against Sheffield Wednesday will also be shown for free on PICK TV on Freeview.

As previously reported, Sky Sports 1 is taking over Freeview and YouView channel 11 (PICK TV) on the 17th August to promote its all-new Saturday schedule, as competition in the premium sports TV market hots up with the launch of BT Sport. Sky and cable users without a subscription to Sky Sports will be able to watch the action over on Sky 2.

Freeviewers will be able to watch Swansea City v Manchester United at 5:30pm, as part of the new Saturday Night Football show from 5pm. Also included on the free day is live coverage of the All-Yorkshire Championship fixture - Leeds United v Sheffield Wednesday (kick-off 12:15pm) and Soccer Saturday with Jeff Stelling from 3pm. The free day ends at 8pm.

Where you can't watch it
Although Sky's press release mentions that every home in Britain will be able to access the action, Sky omits Freesat in its coverage. Due to rights issues resulting from signal overspill into Europe, the free day of sport can't be carried on the satellite version of PICK TV used by Freesat, which is why Sky satellite viewers without a Sky Sports subscription are being offered the special day on Sky 2 instead. Neither will the special day be available on Freeview for the approximately 8.5% of the population unable to get the full Freeview channel line-up.

New competition
BT Sport meanwhile confirmed today that it would be the first broadcaster to show live Premiership football this season, with Liverpool v Stoke at 12:45 on the 17th August, with Fulham v Arsenal the following Saturday. There has already been disappointment at BT's opening fixtures. The new entrant into the sports TV field has however only exercised its first pick "card" five times for the first half of the season, leaving it with 13 more first pick fixtures to chose from during the second, critical half of the season.

Sky Sports Freeview Day: Full schedule > 



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