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Pre-multiplex closure reshuffle on DAB digital radio in the North East

Burnhope transmitter mast
Radio stations in the North East have changed multiplexes on DAB digital radio in order to continue broadcasting to the region beyond the end of this month.

The regional multiplex that has until now carried Capital, Real Radio and Smooth Radio in the North East on DAB is closing on the 29th July 2013. The three stations are now being transmitted from the local Tyne and Wear and Teesside multiplexes.

Listeners to these three stations will need to reset their DAB digital radio presets to point to the new versions on the Teesside multiplex (VHF Block 11B) and Tyne and Wear (VHF Block 11C). In most cases, a simple search through the station names will reveal the new services, as most DAB digital radio sets will automatically add new services found on multiplexes stored on the set when it was first set up for that location. However, some listeners in Northumberland may not be able to make the transition - the transmitter near Alnwick does not yet carry the Tyne and Wear multiplex, however it is envisaged that the multiplex will be expanded to cover the A1 corridor.

As a result of the North East regional multiplex closing, some stations will cease to be available on DAB digital radio in the region from 29th July. Stations should as Heart may return soon, as owners Global Radio are waiting for regulatory clearance to begin converting Real Radio in Northern England into regional versions of its Heart network, already widely available across the southern and central half of England. 

  • In Bristol, Capital has launched on the local DAB digital radio multiplex, with Choice closing. On the 29th July, the regional multiplex for the Severn Estuary - the current home of Capital -  closes and is replaced by an enlarged multiplex for South Wales. The South Wales multiplex will carry the Cardiff based version of Capital.
  • First test transmissions from the new Gloucester local DAB multiplex have been detected. There's currently no audio on VHF block 10C, but audible tests are due soon. Once launched, the Gloucester DAB multiplex will carry local stations such as BBC Gloucestershire and Heart Gloucestershire on DAB digital radio for the first time.


  1. CORRECTION: Regarding the Bristol multiplex, we've heard that it's the Cardiff and not the London version of Capital that is being distributed on DAB at the moment. The article has been amended to remove reference to this point.


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