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Freesat: Chart Show Dance replaces Scuzz; The Space closes its doors

Chart Show Dance has today replaced Scuzz on Freesat channel 503 and the BBC/Arts Council England joint venture "The Space" has ended on channel 908.

The addition of Chart Show Dance is the latest in a number of changes to Freesat's music section in the last four months. Rock music fans can continue to get their fix of rock over on Kerrang, which is on channel 524.

Alternatively, Scuzz is available as a free-to-air satellite channel in non-Freesat mode. It can be manually tuned in using the following parameters:

Eutelsat 28A, 28.5 E
Symbol Rate
Scuzz's transmissions on Sky remain unaffected by today's changes on Freesat.  Freesat have confirmed that the decision to remove Scuzz from Freesat was not theirs, but that of owners CSC Media.

The Space
Meanwhile, the removal of The Space comes almost a year to the day it appeared on Freesat. It officially launched on Freesat on 13th July 2012, in the middle of what was then a service that was only going to stay on air until October 2012, as part of the "Cultural Olympiad". Subsequently, the BBC and the Arts Council agreed to extend the service for another six months.

The pilot finally came to an end on 31st March 2013, with The Space continuing to showcase previous performances and limited new content.

However, according to The Space's website, the service is promising that they "will be back, new and improved, with unmissable live premieres and performances, exclusive new commissions, and innovative new formats to play with." It is unknown how The Space will evolve and be distributed in the long-term. In the meantime, content created for the original pilot continues via thespace.org until further notice.

Update: the channel has now also closed on Freeview HD channel 232.



  1. what gives people the right to just remove a channel just because its not full of X factor spin off rubbish. it makes me sick!!

    1. You and me both! I can't reach Kerrang either and Scuzz isn't showing up when I tune my box. It's pathetic!

  2. this doesnt work it keeps changing the FEC to 3/4 and i have no way of changing the FEC.It gives me tiny pop childrens tv channel.
    instead of changing much loved channels why not just add the new one's on the end of the list. and i must say the replacement is an annoying one what a load of rubbish to replace a good channel with its rather annoying to say the least.


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