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City DTT is coming - Two new Freeview slots available

Capacity for up to two new TV channels on Freeview has been advertised today. The capacity will sit alongside the forthcoming chain of local TV stations across most of the UK's major towns and cities.

Canis Media, acting on behalf of local TV multiplex operator Comux, is marketing the capacity as "City DTT", available on a long-term lease. The capacity is sufficient to allow up to two new standard definition TV channels, or one HD channel.

The extra channels will be carried on the soon-to-launch local TV multiplex which is expected to shortly go live in locations such as London, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle, and will ultimately reach 10 million homes with Freeview.

Additional "City DTT" streams will cover areas such as Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester.


The local TV multiplex has sufficient bandwidth for three standard definition channels in total, but the local TV channels for each location will only use one of the slots, leaving sufficient capacity to offer to other broadcasters.

The commercial resale of available spare bandwidth to third parties will raise revenue that will be ploughed back into local TV. According to local TV multiplex operator Comux, profits from this activity are to be paid annually as dividends to each local TV licensee, who in turn each own a share in Comux.

Comux was originally created by Canis Media, who have a successful track record of launching commercial TV services on a local basis in the Manchester area.

Fergus Lawson, Managing Director of Canis Media said: “These new ‘City DTT’ video streams are unique in so far as this is a free-to-air digital terrestrial multiplex that is available only in the UK’s major towns and cities. This means they have the potential to deliver an affluent urban audience. We anticipate a lot of interest from a wide range of broadcasters and channel owners who are keen to talk to this highly sought after demographic.”

Ed Hall, Chief Executive of Comux UK and Canis Media, said: “City DTT will be available in around half of all the UK’s DTT homes, and offers a low cost opportunity for operators to reach a young, buzzing and measurable metropolitan audience with their own dedicated channel number on the UK’s DTT (Freeview) platform.”



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