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BT Sport launch night to be free-to-view

UPDATED The launch night of BT Sport will be free-to-view for anyone with Freeview, BT TV and Sky.

However, Freeview viewers will need to retune to get the free programmes on channel 57 after the channel, which originally aired a promotional loop suddenly changed multiplexes and thus frequencies just before midday today.

BT Sport 2 remains encrypted, despite the BT Press Release issued yesterday referring to both channels being free-to-view.

BT Sport is launching with a special show presented by Jake Humphrey and Claire Balding from BT Sports' HQ at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and will be screened on both BT Sport 1 and 2. During the launch show, viewers will have the chance to meet BT Sport's other presenters, commentators and pundits and see what's in store on the new channels. Later on, there's a chance to watch the Audi Cup final live - Manchester City v Bayern Munich.

The free-to-view extravaganza ends just after midnight. Rival Sky Sports will then follow on the 17th August, with a day of free Sky Sports 1 programming on Pick TV (Freeview and YouView) and Sky 2 (Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk).

Viewers who want BT Sport on their TV sets after this evening will need to subscribe via and watch the channels via Sky or BT TV. Freeview channels 58 and 59 will be used to reach BT TV customers outside of the BT Infinity broadband network. A deal to broadcast the channels on Virgin Media has not yet been made, according to today's London Evening Standard, leaving cable viewers without a last minute deal.

BT SPORT Free-to-view launch
1st August from 18:00
413/414 also in HD
The free programmes will be shown on channel 57 - RETUNE! 
507/508 (SD) 510/511 (HD)

BT Sport Launch
Live launch from the BT Hub at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, with a preview of what’s in store on BT’s two new sports channels.
BT Sport Launch
Live launch from the BT Hub at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, with a preview of what’s in store on BT’s two new sports channels.
LIVE Audi Cup Football
Bayern Munich v Man City
Audi Cup Final from the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany. Kick-off 19:30
LIVE Premiership Rugby Club Sevens
Coverage from Kingsholm in Gloucester where the Pool A matches take place.
BT Sport Launch
Mercury Insurance Open from Southern California.
Caribbean 20:20 Cricket
Guyana Amazon Warriors v Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel

Which sports will appear on BT Sport?  >  

More information, and details of how to subscribe  
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update 17:35 01/08/2013


  1. Your BT Sport channel numbers are incorrect for BT TV (BT Vision).

    507 BT Sport 1
    508 BT Sport 2
    510 BT Sport 1 HD
    511 BT Sport 2 HD

    Plus ESPN is on 509.

    1. Thank you.

      And here's confirmation from BT about the changes, which saw BT Sport move from 943-946 to 507-511 before the channels even launched:

      YouView viewers had the channels on 507-511 from when they first appeared, but not Vision+ viewers.

      Sadly BT are still referencing the old channel numbers elsewhere on the site, hence the confusion.


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