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BBC confirms 3D Red Button for Wimbledon finals

The BBC has today confirmed that it will be broadcasting the ladies and mens singles semi finals and finals from Wimbledon in 3D.

The 3D broadcasts are part of the corporation's two year trial of 3D TV.

Now that the BBC HD channel - the previous home of BBC 3D - has closed, viewers will be able to go 3D with a compatible 3D TV on the BBC Red Button HD channel, available on Freeview HD and YouView channel 303, Freesat channel 980, Virgin Media channel 994 but not on Sky. The semi finals start Thursday, the singles finals are on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

After Wimbledon, the next 3D broadcast from the BBC is expected to be Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special.

The future of 3D broadcasts on the BBC remain uncertain. Earlier this year, the BBC's Andy Quested commented on falling ratings for 3D content stating: "We start to see that the figures are falling and that is a real worry as a public service broadcaster.  We have to justify the money. Is it a something we should leave to private broadcasters?… I don’t think we will see a 3D channel launch at all on the BBC."

  • Since this article was published, the BBC has confirmed that after the two year trial period has ended, there will be no further 3D broadcasts for the time bring.



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