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Arise and Dance: New Freesat data added

Freesat data has appeared today on Chart Show Dance and Arise News & Arise HD. The appearance of Freesat data broadcast alongside the satellite service is often the first indication that a channel addition on Freesat is imminent.

Chart Show Dance has already confirmed that it will be joining Freesat on 15th July, following fellow CSC Media Group channels on Freesat, which include Chart Show TV, Buz Muzik and Bliss.

Reports have suggested that Arise News was looking at joining Freesat in the future, but the channel has so far not confirmed their immediate plans regarding a Freesat launch. The Freesat data currently associated with the service is basic and, unlike Chart Show Dance,  does not yet include actual programme information for the Freesat Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

Arise News is available in both standard definition and HD and is available on Sky. The channel was recently launched on the Eutelsat Hot Bird satellite serving most of continental Europe. It would become the thirteenth channel in Freesat's news section and Freesat's eighth HD service, following in the footsteps of BBC One, BBC Two, itv, Channel 4, NHK World, RT and BBC Red Button.

Arise News was founded by Nigerian publisher Nduka Obaigbena. Its mission is "Every Culture Every Angle", a global network "reflecting the experiences of under-served communities, championing the voices of the African diaspora across all continents and engaging citizens of the world."

With thanks to HJ Gibbs @lovinthetelly


  1. Since this article was first published, Arise News has gone off air and never made it to Freesat. The reason for Arise News going off air is officially unknown.


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