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UKTV joins YouView's catch-up EPG

UKTV has today announced a deal that will enable all YouView users to catch up on programmes aired on Dave, Really and Yesterday via YouView's "scroll-back" catch-up programme guide. The agreement marks the first time UKTV has offered a catch-up service that is purpose-built for TV.

According to the announcement, UKTV's home of witty banter, Dave will be the first of its free-to-air channels to launch a seven day catch-up service in July with programming accessible through a Dave-branded on-demand portal and through YouView's scroll back programme guide. This is the first time that UKTV will provide a service to viewers directly through YouView and hit shows such as Dara O Briain: School of Hard Sums, Ross Noble Freewheeling, Dave Gorman Modern Life is Goodish, Alexander Armstrong’s Big Ask, Storage Hunters, Lizard Lick Towing, and Russell Howard’s Good News will be available to all YouView customers.

A similar service for Really and Yesterday will launch later this year. There's been no comment as to whether new channel Drama will also get in the on-demand treatment in the future.

a516digital first considered the possibility of UKTV on-demand via YouView in April 2012, when UKTV first announced its intention to launch an on-demand service.

In 2012 UKTV signed agreements with BT and TalkTalk to distribute its branded channels and selected video-on-demand programmes on the YouView platform through BT Vision and the Talk Talk Player. However, this new service represents the first time that UKTV is providing seven day catch-up programming for Dave, Really and Yesterday directly to all YouView customers. 

The service joins the BBC, itv*, Channel 4 and Channel 5 in offering catch-up TV via YouView.

(* In Central and Northern Scotland, the STV Player offers catch-up content.)


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