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Rocks & Co extends Freeview hours

Shopping channel Rocks & Co has taken over the spare Freeview capacity left over after Argos TV closed in May.

Rocks & Co on Freeview channel 40 now broadcasts until 11pm, adding an extra five hours to its Freeview timeslot. Viewers can now tune into the channel ten hours a day between 1pm and 11pm. Argos TV used to be on air between 6pm and 11pm via the same digital multiplex used by Rocks & Co.

Rocks & Co last broadcast a ten hour window of programming on Freeview last year, when the channel temporarily used additional capacity in post-switchover regions. It's not known if the increase in hours is permanent, or only until another channel takes the 6pm-11pm slot.

Meanwhile, channel 55 - the former home of Argos TV has been removed, nearly a month after the service ceased.

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