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Channel 3 satellite fault means late night Emmerdale

ITV has blamed technical problems "at our service provider Arqiva" for a black-out affecting most Channel 3 regions on satellite.

The fault, which occurred during Tuesday evening resulted in Sky and Freesat viewers in most areas unable to watch ITV, STV and UTV for several hours. Some feeds to Virgin Media were also affected.

As a result of the widespread loss of service, ITV was forced to shift highlights from the French Open tennis until well after 11pm to allow it to repeat Emmerdale for viewers unable to watch the latest installment from the fictional Yorkshire village earlier on in the evening. STV pulled Scotland Tonight to make way for the schedule change and UTV opted to visit Emmerdale after UTV Live ended at 11pm.

ITV continued as normal on Freeview throughout the evening.

ITV last suffered technical problems on Sunday when its feed from the Brazil v England football friendly went down. As with tonight's fault, Sunday's glitch was out of the control of ITV, who had to resort to a back up feed.

Revised: 23:39  04/06/2012


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