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[ARCHIVE] Drama as new channel forces Gold to move Home on the Freeview EPG

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The launch of new UKTV's new Drama channel is to create a minor reshuffle on Freeview, according to media sources today.

Drama will launch on the 8th July 2013 at 8:00am on Freeview channel 20, starting with an episode of The Bill.

Media journal Broadcast has confirmed that GOLD via Top Up TV, a subscription-based restricted hours version of UKTV's classic comedy channel, will move to channel 26. Home, another Top Up TV service, is booted to channel 54 - a number previously used by the Manchester Television Network for the 24/7 version of the now defunct Argos home shopping channel.

Freeview Channel
New allocation by 12:00 4th July
Previous allocation
GOLD (Top Up TV)
currently unconfirmed
Dave Ja Vu
GOLD (Top Up TV)
Home (Top Up TV)
Home (Top Up TV)
previously used in Manchester for Argos TV 24/7

The bandwidth to broadcast the new Drama channel is likely to come from Dave Ja Vu. When UKTV acquired a fourth Freeview slot (after Yesterday, Dave and Really), it stated that it would reinstate Dave Ja Vu as a full-time service on a temporary basis until a new service was ready to launch.

This fourth slot is on the SDN multiplex, using bandwidth alongside GOLD, Home as well as 5*, Quest, QVC and itv3.

Unknown territory
It is currently unknown if UKTV intend to continue broadcasting Dave Ja Vu on channel 25 beyond the first week in July and if so, whether it will be a reduced hours service.

Equally, it is still unknown how long either GOLD or Home will remain on the Top Up TV service, as both services only offer very restricted access to the channels, with no option for new subscribers to sign up for the service. Additionally, recent emails sent to subscribers indicated a withdrawal from providing premium sports channels, leaving very little to subscribe to.

Other changes in the pipeline
Also in the coming weeks, it's expected that the temporary BBC Red Button 302 service will cease following Glastonbury and the Wimbledon fortnight  and Film 4+1 is scheduled to reappear on Freeview after a six year hiatus, according to a tweet from Film 4 earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the Manchester Television Network - the local multiplex serving parts of Greater Manchester with up to six extra Freeview channels - is also due to announce new channels, after Argos TV 24/7 and High Street TV vacated the multiplex.

Page last updated: 02/07/2013 15:10 to show that the channel changes are taking place on the 4th July 2013 in advance of the launch of Drama on Monday morning.