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BBC starts campaign to boost Connected TV awareness and usage

BBC Connected TV
The BBC has tonight begun a new campaign to boost awareness of how viewers can access BBC programmes on connected TV devices.

The campaign features two TV trails and a trail for BBC Radio and comes a month after YouGov research showed that fewer than half of Smart TV owners use their TV to access online content each week. Just over a fifth of viewers use their digital TV box to watch online catch-up TV services. By contrast, half of UK adults like the idea of accessing online content through their televisions. 

The trails across the BBC will highlight how easy it is to catch up on the Corporation's programmes via BBC iPlayer through the iPlayer app and by scrolling back within the onscreen TV guide on a number of connected TV platforms, such as Freesat < free time > and YouView.

To support the campaign, a new website - - has been set up to give viewers a basic understanding of how connected TV works and which devices offer access to internet services such as iPlayer.

The move comes as the BBC continues to develop a new "Connected Red Button" service, which will add an extra dimension to connected TV, offering viewers with a suitable broadband connection additional coverage of major events, replacing the traditional - but expensive - multi-screen transmissions on satellite and cable, which were cut back last year.

Later this month, the Connected Red Button will come to life with six streams of coverage from Glastonbury on Virgin Media's TiVo platform. It is envisaged that over the next few years, the BBC Connected Red Button service will launch via other digital TV platforms.

Already, Box TV offers a connected service on Freeview, where the red button on 4Music (Freeview channel 18) links to three additional music TV channels for viewers with the latest generation of Freeview HD TVs and set-top boxes.


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