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Wales all clear for 4G at 800 MHz

4G mobile services taking over former TV frequencies.
Wales has today become the second nation of the UK after Northern Ireland to have its airwaves completely cleared for new 4G mobile services in the former 800 MHz TV frequency band.

TV transmitters in parts of South/Central Wales, including Carmarthenshire's Carmel transmitter, which previously used frequencies earmarked for 4G have seen frequency changes during the past few hours.  A similar retune event took place today south of the Bristol Channel in North Devon.

Freeview viewers who have lost channels are asked to retune in order for their equipment to find the missing channels on their new frequencies. Some viewers may need to conduct a "first time installation" or "factory reset" to restore all channels.

Digital UK, who is overseeing the retune event, warned that older Freeview PVRs made by Vestel and sold in 2006-2007 under various budget brand names, including Digihome, Durabrand and Techwood, which did not receive over-the-air software updates in 2008 will now no longer be able to receive all Freeview services due to the Carmel transmitter using an 'offset' frequency from today.

Northern Ireland became the first UK nation to have its frequencies cleared for 4G at digital switchover last October. In other parts of the UK, the decision to clear the full 800 MHz frequency band for 4G was not made until digital switchover had either already occurred or about to occur, leaving UHF channels 61 and 62 (794 & 802 MHz) needing to be retrospectively cleared in retune events such as those taking place today. The clearance process concludes in England in June and in Scotland in July.

Viewer help
Digital UK is overseeing the retune event. Viewers who find themselves receiving the wrong regional programmes after retuning should visit the Digital UK postcode checker at to find manual retuning information for their postcode area.

Alternatively, Digital UK can be contacted over the phone. The Digital UK helpline is available on 0845 6 50 50 50.
Calls to 0845 numbers from a BT landline will cost around 2p a minute, unless part of a bundle (6p less than a standard local rate daytime call), but calls from mobiles will be significantly higher.

More information:
4G clearance section  

Frequency changes today in Wales:
Main transmitter:
Arq B (Film 4, VIVA) moves from ch61 to ch 49; BBC A gains a negative offset on ch60
Relay sites:
power boost on BBC-A from 5W to 10W ERP only.
Llandrindrod Wells
BBC-A  moves from ch49 to ch39+
BBC-A moves from ch49 to ch39
BBC-A moves from ch49 to ch39; power boost to 5.2 W ERP.
BBC-A moves from ch61 to ch49
BBC-A moves from ch49 to ch39
BBC-A moves from ch49 to ch39

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  1. Any chance of an 4G 800 'clear' map of the UK

    1. The only one I've got on file at the moment is the Ofcom one which appears on the 4G clearance retunes index page at Click picture to enlarge.


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