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UKTV launches new Drama channel on Freeview

UKTV, the company behind TV channels Dave and Yesterday, has today unveiled its plans for a new drama channel on Freeview called "Drama".

The channel is set to launch on 8th July 2013. The channel number has not been confirmed, but Drama is likely to be using the bandwidth currently taken by Dave Ja Vu, which was temporarily brought back to Freeview on a full-time basis in January. There has been no word as yet about any distribution on satellite and cable services.

Drama will go head-to-head with ITV3 on Freeview airing a "diverse range of critically-acclaimed shows featuring stellar talent, many of whom have gone on to join Hollywood's elite."

The launch schedule will include Colin Firth in Mr Darcy, Sean Bean in Sharpe plus popular period dramas Cranford and Lark Rise to Candleford. Auf Wiedersehen Pet will also be shown on the channel.

UKTV once operated a drama channel called UKTV Drama. That channel refocussed on crime dramas and became Alibi, available on pay TV platforms.

10 questions about the new Drama channel 

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  1. that's great news, can't wait, a brand new channel
    on freeview.hip hip hooray

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