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The week in digital radio: Amazing Radio, Black Cat and Radio Essex

This week's DAB digital radio news, in brief:

  Amazing Radio returns to DAB
The station, which last May departed from the Arqiva-run Digital One national DAB multiplex, is returning on Monday 13th May for listeners in the Greater London area. It will run on the London II Switchdigital DAB multiplex.

The station will go on air at 12:00noon with a burst of Birdsong, in a nod to the station Amazing Radio originally replaced in 2009 when it first launched on DAB. On their website, Programming Director Matt Jamison explained: "We’re back, not yet nationally in the UK, although we hope to get there one day. Plus, we're launching an expanded on-line streaming service, with more time-shifting to US time zones, a new and improved mobile app and more genre-based channels such as Amazing Beats and Amazing Chill".

The station will also launch in the Republic of Ireland on Dublin's DAB multiplex (VHF Block 12A) later next week, according to the station.

  Ofcom approves Black Cat removal from Peterborough DAB
The UK regulator has approved the removal of St Neot's community radio station Black Cat Radio from the Peterborough DAB multiplex. This hasn't happened yet, but comes at a time when the station is actively lobbying for a community radio licence to operate on FM in the St Neots area.

Ironically, the new Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire (HBB) DAB multiplex offers better coverage of the Cambridgeshire town than the Peterborough multiplex thanks to its proximity to the Sandy Heath transmitter. However, carriage on the HBB multiplex would carry a high cost.

  Southend and Chelmsford Radio to launch Radio Essex DAB service
The media group behind Southend and Chelmsford Radio are poised to launch a new Essex-wide service on the local DAB multiplex. Adventure Radio Group's Radio Essex will bring "just great songs" across the parts of the county currently able to receive the Arqiva/Now Digital Essex multiplex. Test transmissions are planned, but a launch date has not yet been set.


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