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Really bold change for UKTV channel from 15th May

Freeview channel Really, from UKTV, is to get a new look from Wednesday 15th May 2013, with a new logo and overall look reflecting enhancements to the schedule in recent months. The new look comes just under two years after the channel first launched on Freeview when it last received a major overhaul of its programming.

Clare Laycock, UKTV’s General Manager for Lifestyle, said: "This is a great step change for Really, which has grown by 30% on all platforms since it launched on Freeview in August 2011. The updated brand promise embodies how the programme schedule has evolved over the past year, and reflects Really’s remit to attract more shared viewing."

The new look on UKTV's Really aims to give the channel more of an up-market feel compared to other lifestyle channels, such as the newly launched TLC on pay TV. UKTV would like to change viewer's perceptions about the channel, which until now has presented itself more as a tabloid women's channel with idents featuring cartoon women.

The old look with cartoon women characters.

UKTV's press team tell us: "Tasked with reaching a broad audience of 25-44 year old adults, Red Bee - designers of the new look - has created an intuitive and innovative look for the channel, focusing on the ownership of the name Really, and using it as a positive descriptor rather than one of exclamation. The results reflect a more grown-up, glossy, up-market brand proposition that helps to cement the relationship in viewers’ minds between Really’s programmes and the channel’s on and off air communications. The new identity consists of 24 idents and four sets of menus, all of which change on a daily basis."

Last year, UKTV gave Yesterday a new look. Dave remains the only Freeview channel from UKTV that has kept elements of its original look since its launch just over five and a half years ago in October 2007.

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