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Radio Essex to be Fab on DAB from 6th June

Adventure Radio's new digital station Radio Essex is to launch on Thursday 6th June on the local digital radio multiplex.

The date was confirmed earlier today by the station, which is encouraging social media users to use the hashtag #fabondab.

The station will share programmes with sister stations Southend Radio and Chelmsford Radio, but with the potential of reaching a wider audience and more advertisers across more of Essex.

According to Arqiva / Now Digital, operators of the Essex DAB multiplex, the signal covers a population area of 1.08 million. Parts of Essex, most notably North East Essex (Harwich, Frinton and parts of Clacton) are outside of the current range of the multiplex and will not be able to receive the new Radio Essex service on DAB. The signal is also restricted north-westwards to avoid interfering with the Peterborough multiplex.

There is currently unused capacity on the Essex digital multiplex. NME Radio has closed, and Kiss is moving listeners to the national version of the station on national multiplex Digital One.


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