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New channels coming soon for Manchester Freeview viewers

Manchester Skyline
Changes to the Manchester Freeview line up are to be announced "soon", according to Manchester TV Network.

Following the withdrawal of shopping channel High Street TV and the closure of the 24 hour version of Argos TV (which was available elsewhere in the UK on Freeview between 6pm and 11pm), there are now two vacant slots on the multiplex, which has six 24 hour slots in total.

The extra services available on Freeview in Manchester are a result of the now defunct local TV service, Channel M. After the channel closed down last year, the digital multiplex that had been launched to carry the service was taken over by Canis Media and subsequently relaunched as the Manchester TV Network. Although broadcast from the main Winter Hill transmitter, which covers North West England, the Manchester multiplex's coverage is restricted to parts of Greater Manchester.

The Manchester TV Network offers national broadcasters a chance to try out Freeview distribution and offers an affordable way to access a local audience via Freeview. Manchester is currently the only part of the UK able to offer this type of access to the Freeview platform, although the new Comux-operated local TV multiplexes launching later this year will offer broadcasters further opportunities to launch services targeted at some of the most populous parts of the UK.

Channels currently available in parts of Greater Manchester from channel 51 onward are: film channels Movies4Men, Movies4Men+1, South Asia's Sony SAB and Capital TV, the music channel from the makers of Capital FM.

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  1. If I lived in Manchester, I would be keen to see CBS Action. I'm not sure if they'd be interested in "testing the water" with Freeview, though - if they were, it might be a good idea.

  2. i'm in london and i can say that manchester get better channels,
    does manchester have more bandwidth frequency then london?

    1. Manchester has an extra multiplex that was used for local TV, although it soon will get a second local multiplex.

      Yes, Manchester has more suitable frequencies than London, thanks to the Pennines blocking signals to the East and the Welsh mountains stopping all but Moel Y Parc's signals into that part of England.

      Even the local multiplex for London will need some restrictions to avoid interfering with the TV signal in the East Midlands. London is surrounded by the Anglia (West), Anglia (East), Meridian (SE), Meridian (S) and Oxford TV regions, all needing their own frequencies for their regional services. Plus any service from Crystal Palace has the potential to affect reception in the East Midlands, Netherlands, Belgium and North France - meaning frequencies have to be co-ordinated and not many spare frequencies are available! (There's also a few relays around London that use up more frequencies, to add to the problem.)

  3. so in the near future would it be possible for crystal palace to get an
    extra multiplex to receive more channels

    1. Yes, a three-channel local TV multiplex is coming your way from this autumn. (plus two semi-national HD multiplexes).

      What channel would you like to see next on Freeview?

  4. mybe horror channel,CBS channels or true movies

  5. I live in Gorton 3 Miles from the centre of Manchester and I have poor quality reception of Chn 57. My devices can pick up the channels, but the signal strength is so week that the programmes can not be displayed.
    Is there anything I can do to improve reception.

  6. Wow! Do you think that those new channels will one day be on the LocalTV service? (excluding The Vault)


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