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[ARCHIVE] Made in Leeds to launch on both Freesat and Sky

Archived article.
The information in this article from 2013 has been superseded by events and no longer reflects the current situation, but has been left here for reference purposes. More about Made in Leeds can be read here.

Made in Leeds, the new local TV licensee for the Leeds area is to be available on Sky and Freesat in addition to Freeview and cable in West Yorkshire.

Writing in The Guardian, Made in Leeds' Mark O'Brien confirmed that the channel would be available on Sky channel 117 and on Freesat. This is believed to be the first time that a source from a local TV provider has confirmed Freesat carriage. Not all local TV operators are expected to be available on satellite at this stage.

While not confirmed by Freesat, channel 111 is the most prominent channel number currently vacant on its Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and is a likely future home for local TV channels.

Made in Leeds will appear on Sky and Freesat for viewers in certain postcode areas, in the same way that viewers are currently assigned the correct BBC and ITV regions. At this stage it is unknown which viewers in which postcode areas will see Made in Leeds appear on Sky channel 117 and the Freesat EPG. However, with the channel broadcasting from the same orbital position as other Sky and Freesat channels, viewers across the whole of the satellite footprint serving the UK and Republic of Ireland should be able to manually tune the channel in via "Sky Other Channels" or "non-Freesat mode" when it launches in November.

(c) Ofcom
Terrestrially, Made in Leeds will launch on Freeview channel 8 using capacity on the new local TV multiplex operated by Comux.

Ofcom coverage maps, published last year, show that Made in Leeds will cover much of West Yorkshire away from the Pennines, with York and the edge of North Yorkshire on the north-eastern fringe of reception. Emley Moor alongside Beecroft Hill are shown as transmitter sites.


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