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Global Glastonbury from the BBC

Glastonbury goes global via satellite and BBC Worldwide
SATELLITE UPDATE  The BBC is to offer coverage of the Glastonbury 2013 music festival to audiences around the world via its commercially operated international channels. The event takes place over the last weekend in June.

BBC Worldwide will offer coverage via BBC Entertainment in Poland, Scandinavia, Asia, Latin America and South Africa; BBC Knowledge in Asia; BBC HD where distributed in parts of Europe, Middle East and Africa and via the BBC's UKTV channel in Australia and New Zealand. In Western and Central Europe, viewers should be able to watch the full UK coverage via the Eutelsat 28A satellite.

Coverage on the BBC Worldwide Global Channels will consist of a six hour programme starting at 1700 GMT (1800 BST) on Sunday 30th June featuring highlights from Friday, Saturday and Sunday performances.

In Central and Western Europe, viewers can point their satellite dish to the UK satellite orbital position at 28 degrees East, where the BBC will be offering additional streams with full extended coverage throughout the event. Additional streams are being broadcast on Eutelsat 28A, frequency 12643, vertical polarisation, symbol rate 27500. The labels are BBC RB2 and BBC RB3 or "54380" and "54381".

The streams are part of the BBC Red Button service, which is normally solely broadcast via UK spotbeam to Sky and Freesat viewers in the UK and Ireland on Astra 1N and 2F. The existing Red Button service via the UK spotbeam is likely to be primarily used for Wimbledon tennis coverage, as the BBC only has UK broadcast rights to the tournament.

Headline acts for the event at Worthy Farm in the Somerset countryside include Mumford & Sons, The Rolling Stones and the Arctic Monkeys. The BBC website has more information on the line-up (external link).

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