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Argos TV comes to an end

Presenter Kevin Duala for one last time in the Argos TV Kitchen
The Argos TV home shopping channel has come to an end.

The closure of the TV channel, first reported here on the 13th February, and confirmed a week later in the FT,  comes as Argos switches its priorities and invests more heavily in its digital offering. Argos has confirmed that any outstanding orders made from its TV service will be fulfilled as normal, with all other parts of the business trading as usual.

The channel's schedule was broken down into 15 minute segments, each featuring a different product in a break from the hour long programmes featured on other shopping channels, including QVC and Ideal World. The majority of the output was pre-recorded.

Argos TV first launched on Sky in June 2011, before being added to Freesat in October 2011. The channel secured Freeview carriage in September 2012, broadcasting from 6 to 11:00pm every evening via a national slot on Freeview channel 55. Additionally, the channel was available 24 hours a day on Freeview channel 59, later channel 54 in the Manchester area, as part of a bundle of extra channels on the frequency previously used by the former Mancunian local station Channel M.

On Sky, the Argos TV channel is now "JML Living".  On Freesat, Argos TV was prematurely removed last Thursday (9th May). It is not yet known what will happen to the capacity on Freeview.

The last, unspectacular moments of Argos TV just before 11pm on Freeview channel 55. No point of staying with Argos TV though, as advised... final programmes were only available via Sky.


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