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Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex officially launched

From 3 transmitters, the multiplex will reach 1.8m adults
The new local DAB digital radio multiplex serving North East Wales, Cheshire and Merseyside officially launched today following several weeks of test transmissions.

Operator MuxCo launched the multiplex at events in Liverpool and Wrexham. The multiplex had been testing via transmitters at Moel-Y-Parc and Wrexham-Rhos since mid-March.

Liverpool's Juice FM became the last local station to launch test transmissions on the multiplex earlier this week as first test broadcasts were transmitted from Liverpool's St John's Beacon. All stations on the multiplex will be broadcast in stereo.

a516digital first reported MuxCo's announcement to bring local DAB radio to the region on the 23rd April last year. At the time, the multiplex was expected to launch in November 2012. Delays in installing equipment and availability of specialist riggers, busy with 4G related work, pushed the launch into the spring.

According to Ofcom documents, the Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool multiplex could be merged in the future to form one single North Wales multiplex. In the meantime, the current multiplex will serve an estimated 1.8 million adults in its transmission area, bringing the BBC's two radio stations for Wales onto DAB for the first time in the north of Wales and giving Nation Radio terrestrial coverage for the first time outside of South Wales and the Severn Estuary.

French company VDL entered a twelve year contract with MuxCo to provide transmission services for the multiplex, which is only the second DAB digital radio multiplex in the UK after the London 2 multiplex that doesn't use Arqiva as a transmission services contractor.

Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool
Local DAB multiplex
VHF Block 10D
expected launch line-up
BBC Radio Cymru
128 kbps
BBC Radio Wales
128 kbps
Dee on DAB
112 kbps
107.6 Juice FM
112 kbps
Nation Radio
112 kbps
Real Radio Wales
112 kbps

Coverage Map -  (from MuxCo website) >
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Later  this year, local radio on DAB will be launched in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire by MuxCo, while Arqiva is launching a local DAB service in Derbyshire.


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