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VIVA and Travel Channel join Freesat

Viacom's music and entertainment network VIVA has today joined Freesat alongside Scripps Network's Travel Channel.

VIVA, which went free-to-air last month on satellite, joins the Freesat guide in the Entertainment section on channel 146. Travel Channel is now available on channel 405, straight after its sister channels Food Network and Food Network+1. Both channels had been observed transmitting Freesat programme listings data last week, indicating the imminent arrival on Freesat.

Travel Channel was given a new look on the 25th March with a new line-up of programmes. The channel's inclusion on Freesat marks another stage in the expansion of the channel, which was taken over last year by Scripps Networks, owners of the US version of the Travel Channel.

VIVA UK, which replaced TMF in 2009, is Viacom's main Freeview channel. It shows music and entertainment content from MTV, VH-1, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. The channel's increased emphasis on showing comedy, children's and entertainment shows earned the channel a place in the Entertainment section of the Freesat listings rather than in the music section.

The addition of Travel Channel and VIVA is the latest in a series of new channel launches on Freesat. In December, BSkyB's Pick TV, Challenge and Sky News channels joined Freesat. RT HD became the free-to-air satellite platform's sixth HD channel earlier this year. Other recent additions include The Active Channel and Planet Pop. However, shopping channel TGGC Outlet on channel 818 has today been removed.


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