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TLC is coming... worth a watch or not?

Discovery's new channel TLC is coming to the UK this week. From 30th April, the channel will offer pay TV viewers a range of UK and US shows targeted at a female audience. A completely different beast to the TLC channel available on Sky analogue in the 90s. Freeview and Freesat viewers will not get the new channel. 
  •  Channel numbers for Sky, Virgin, BT Vision listed at the bottom of this article.

But what's on the channel? Are Freeview/Freesat viewers missing much?

Here are some highlights from the channel's first week on air, sourced from the TLC website:

Tuesday 30th April 2013
11:00pm My Strange Addiction
Meet a woman who bonds with her cat by licking its coat and eating its fur

Wednesday 1st May 2013
7:30am 17 Kids and Counting
Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are pregnant with their 18th baby! What better way to surprise their children than by announcing it on national television?

2:30pm Extreme Couponing
Meet the savvy shoppers who plan and plot their way to unbelievable savings. Can canny J'aime cheekily get nearly $2000 worth of groceries for a cash budget of just $100?

8:00pm Oprah's Next Chapter
Oprah interviews Rihanna in Barbados.

Thursday 2nd May 2013
5:00am Dr Oz Show
Dr Oz meets two women who suffer from pica, a disorder which drives them to eat inedible items such as chalk and ash. What affect is it having on their bodies?

Friday 3rd May 2013
11:00pm Your Style in His Hands
Lisa Snowdon helps women with tired-out styles, by giving them £5000 to blow on a fabulous new wardrobe. But there is a catch; their other half must do the shopping: Now living and working in the countryside, the once vibrant Lou has left her passion for fashion back in the city. Can her fiancĂ©e Tom help her out of her style rut?

Saturday 4th May 2013
9:00pm Gypsy Brides USA
In the unpredictable world of gypsies, a family freaks when a marriage proposal threatens their traditions. 

Monday 6th May 2013
8:00pm I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
A young boy must help his mother when she goes into labour, she didn't even know she was pregnant and now only has her son to aid her.

The channel will also be the home of US comedies Golden Girls, Mad about You and The Nanny. From 14th May, TLC flagship show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo arrives on the channel, a show about a spoilt child pageant star, which has been a ratings success in a number of countries.

   TLC channel numbers   
Sky channel 125 (HD version available),
Virgin Media channel 167 (HD version available),
BT Vision channel 875
and via YouView on the TalkTalk player,

Credit: Schedule information from Schedules subject to change.


  1. you would of thought the more viewers the better
    for them, so launch the channel on all platforms
    it's there loss

  2. The channel launches 8pm tonight (30th April)

  3. I really want to watch a woman eating cat fur.....not. The less platforms this channel is on the better.


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