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Norfolk gears up for 1st May Freeview retune

Freeview viewers in most of Norfolk, and parts of North Suffolk will need to retune Freeview on Wednesday 1st May following changes at the main Tacolneston transmitter. The changes will affect commercial TV channels including Film 4 and Viva as well as viewers with Freeview HD.

Freeview services are changing frequencies during the early hours of Wednesday 1st May in the area to free up space for new 4G services, which will be launching later this year on the former TV frequencies. Freeview services in the area are liable to breaks in transmission while engineering work takes place during the early hours of the 1st May.

At the main Tacolneston mast, which provides much of Norfolk and North Suffolk with the full range of Freeview channels, the frequencies used by Freeview HD and the commercial digital multiplex "Arqiva B" that carries stations including Film 4, ITV4 and Viva are changing. Freeview HD moves to UHF channel 50, forcing the Arqiva B multiplex to move to UHF channel 39. As a result, viewers will need to retune anytime after 6:00 am. In some instances, a full "first time installation" will be required to restore all channels.

In King's Lynn, the local relay near Sandringham will have a change of frequency affecting access to BBC East in a part of Norfolk where the correct local BBC region is difficult to receive. Affected viewers will need to retune after 11:00 am to continue watching BBC One East and other BBC channels from the relay, which move to UHF channel 40.

Elsewhere in Norfolk and North Suffolk, other local relay transmitters feeding off Tacolneston are liable to be affected during the morning of the 1st May, especially with regards to Freeview HD channels. Although no frequency changes are scheduled at these relays, the stations will need adjusting to relay Freeview HD from the new frequency at Tacolneston.  By mid-afternoon, all relays should be back to normal service, according to information supplied by Digital UK, the organisation overseeing the changes.

Viewers who need further help and assistance are invited to call the Digital UK helpline on
0845 6 50 50 50.
Calls to 0845 numbers from a BT landline will cost around 2p a minute, unless part of a bundle (6p less than a standard local rate daytime call), but calls from mobiles will be significantly higher.

a516digital is not affiliated to Digital UK and provides this information as a public service. 


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